A guide to steak readiness


We once said that you should find a sotiphcated guy who has to classify how to cook a steak. ?
But if it’s hard, let’s S&L’s Diner take care of you. Follow our tip to choose your favorite doneness of steak!!

? To keep the juiciness of steak, select RARE level. The meat is still pink inside and when you cut the steak, it is a little warm, bright and tender. Red 75% throught the center.

?Cook a little more, you will have MEDIUM RARE steak when the steak is still juicy with 50% red center.

?If you are not a fan of rare steak, MEDIUM will be your ideal choice when the meat is seared outside. When you slide it, the bright red color is fade away. It is about 25% pink inside.

?MEDIUM WELL is a safe option for squeamish who don’t want color in their meat. – The steak turns to be caramel color and will be very stiff but still have a little squish in the center.

?Last but not least, the delicious tan color steak – WELL DONE when both inside and outside the steak is well cooked. It is controversial that most people will tell you that this is the steak for people who don’t like steak.

So now you know which is your favorite doneness of beef steak right?
All you should do is tag your beloved people here and visit S&L’s Diner to enjoy your favorite steak.

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